Monday, June 29, 2015

Keith Haney Racing in the mix for first 3.6-second Pro Nitrous pass

MARTIN, Mich. (June 26) -- When the pundits consider Pro Nitrous drivers capable of dipping into the 3.6-second range in the Professional Drag Racers Association ranks, they often think of several capable contenders, but they better not forget about Keith Haney and his Keith Haney Racing team at this weekend's PDRA Summer Drags at U.S. 131 Motorsports Park.

"They're looking for Jay Cox, Travis Harvey, Jason Harris, Tommy Franklin, and all them boys," Haney said. "They're expecting all those guys to run the 3.69 because they've been a little bit closer. Well, all of a sudden, here comes a Midwest boy."

That's Tulsa, Okla.'s Haney, of course. With a new Reher-Morrison Racing Engines powerplant in his new Larry Jeffers Race Cars Chevrolet Camaro, Haney opened some eyes at the most PDRA recent race in St. Louis.

Haney's pass of 3.765 seconds at 201.10 mph in his Lucas Oil/ Camaro proved he deserves to be in the mix to take the $5,000 bonus to be paid by Pro Nitrous team owner Bryant Marriner to the first driver in the 3.6-second range.

"You may not expect the Keith Haney Racing entry to go 3.6-something, but you better watch out," Haney said. "You better look in your rearview mirror because we're coming right up the back door. We're looking to get it before everyone else. We want that money and that record."

With Brandon Switzer of Switzer Dynamics tuning the engine and Brandon Pesz tuning the chassis, Haney has some of the best in drag racing working on his race car. Plus, his KHR team has come a long way this year since struggling at the first three PDRA races of the season.

"This team is pretty stout," Haney said. "My guys have come along well this year. We got through the first three races, and as soon as I got the new motor, things have been great."

And after the run in St. Louis, the new engine still looks spectacular.

"We ran the 3.76 and went and tore the motor down and there was no issue," Haney said. "It's like it was brand new, which gives us something great to build on."

Weather conditions for Martin look terrific this weekend with temperatures in the 70s all three days -- prime weather for a record run.

"The highs are in the 70s during the day, so that night session on Friday is liable to produce a 3.6," Haney said. "The barometer may not be as good there, but that doesn't matter. After seeing the Reher-Morrison power that Bob Rahaim has, and we have a little bigger engine, we've got a lot to look forward to."

Rahaim, also tuned by Switzer, has a similar package as Haney and has been lightning fast in the last month.

"If that's any indication of how our car's going to run this weekend, we've got great things to look forward to," Haney said. "Or, that 3.69 will be ours before anybody else."

Haney has some additional help in a new Lucas Oil product that is pulsing through his Reher-Morrison engine.

"We've got the new Lucas Oil racing oil in the engine this weekend," Haney said. "Everyone needs to be on the lookout for the new Lucas Oil 5W30 and 10W40 oil coming to the market soon, and we hope we run the 3.69 pass with the new oil."

Keith Haney and his Lucas Oil/ Camaro deserve to be in the mix to take the $5,000 bonus to be paid by Pro Nitrous team owner Bryant Marriner to the first driver in the 3.6-second zone.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Keith Haney records personal-best

numbers at Mid-America Open

 TULSA, Okla. (June 10) -- The next time the Professional Drag Racers Association stages anevent, Keith Haney and the Keith Haney Racing Pro Nitrous team are sure to be one of thefavorites. Haney is coming off a spectacular showing at the Mid-America Open at Gateway
Motorsports Park, where he set his personal-best elapsed time and speed.

"I've got a lot more coming for all of them," Haney said. "They just got to see a little bit of us in St. Louis. They're fixing to get the whole ball of wax.

 "Now, instead of people taking me for granted, I've made a statement. You've got to know when you go to the line next to me that you better be ready."

Haney's terrific pass of 3.765 seconds at 201.10 mph came in the first round of eliminations in St. Louis, and while it wasn't enough to hold off No. 1 qualifier Travis Harvey, it was the only run in the 201-mph range in the round and capped a stellar weekend.

Plus, it puts Haney and his Oil Chevrolet squarely in the mix for a $5,000 bonus to be paid by Pro Nitrous team owner Bryant Marriner for the first driver in the 3.6-second range.

"We've got so much more left in the Reher-Morrison powerplant that these boys are all going to know it when I come to the next race (in Martin, Mich.)," Haney said. "Now, it's going to be a little hotter there, so nobody's going to run as fast. But when the weather permits us to run in the 3.60s, we're going to do it. We're going to be the team to do it."

Haney is able to back up the big talk because of the weekend in St. Louis. He took delivery of a new Reher-Morrison Racing Engines powerplant before that race, with Brandon Switzer leading the installation at Larry Jeffers' shop.

The Camaro from Larry Jeffers Race Cars is still new, too, and getting the new engine puts Haney among the Pro Nitrous elite. The third full hit with the new combination helped Haney reach 200 mph for the first time (200.23 mph) during testing before the race.

"About half-track, I could feel the power of the new motor that's in the car," Haney said. "The G forces, everything, you could feel it all."

Haney caught an unlucky break in qualifying because his best pass came in hot, muggy conditionson Friday. Rain came and after the track was dried, temperatures had dropped and other cars had better conditions and understandably went fast.

Haney then chattered the tires in the second qualifying session and nearly turned the car around in Q3.

"You could read my name from the starting line," Haney said. "It was up on two wheels, heading to the wall, but I got the car lined up and going straight. I thought, 'What the heck just happened?' "

Haney then got his brain trust together, bringing Switzer, chassis tuner Brandon Pesz, and chassis builder Jeffers in for a meeting. They decided to make some more changes for the first round of eliminations, where Haney, the No. 16 qualifier, lined up against Harvey in the last pair of cars to race.

"I'm back there thinking, 'I hope I can go down the racetrack,' " Haney said.

Haney was sharp on the Christmas Tree, busting a .009-second reaction time to get a .049 jump on Harvey.

"I let go of the button, I look over, and I'm ahead of him," Haney said. "I'm thinking, 'I got this.' "

But Harvey's car was steaming and caught Haney with a 3.707-second run.

"We didn't have an aggressive tune-up, thinking we've got to go A to B," Haney said. "Well, we went 2.53 to the 330, which is the fastest I've ever been, and then we ran 1.22 in the back half.

"I set my e.t. record and my speed record all in the same run, against the No. 1 qualifier. What's weird is he set the e.t. record in the same pass. It was a hell of a drag race and a lot of people weren't expecting that -- I wasn't."

Haney, though, was hardly frowning.

"I said at the top end, 'I'm the happiest loser you've ever met,' because I didn't lose," Haney said. "I ran my career-best e.t. and career-best speed. In no way, shape, or form was that a bad drag race. It was a great drag race; I just came up on the other end of the stick."

But Haney now knows he's a threat to win in Martin and to get into the 3.6s at some point this season.

"These guys have busted their butt all year," Haney said. "I want to thank the three hardest-working guys -- Andrew Arnold, Randy Hancock, and Dale Hancock -- for spending all their spare time helping me. We've had a tough year so far. The first three races were not good to us, but now after St. Louis we have a great feeling. The powerplant is there, the chassis is there, the people are there. Everything is going in the right direction, and we're excited about the future. We can't wait for Martin."

For video highlights of St. Louis, click here.

For pictures from St. Louis, click here.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Keith Haney ready
to bounce
back at Rockingham

ROCKINGHAM, N.C. (April 9) -- Keith Haney and his Keith Haney
Racing team areready to bounce back during this weekend's
PDRA Spring Nationals at Rockingham Dragway.

At last month's season opener, the Texas Nationals at Texas
Motorplex, various mechanical gremlins kept Haney from showing
the potential of his Lucas Oil/ Pro Nitrous Chevrolet,
but he's eager to get to Rockingham and go fast.

"We're ready to roll into Rockingham with guns blazing,
" Haney said. "We figured we couldn't have had much worse of a
weekend in Texas. Hopefully, we've got all our gremlins out of the

"The Larry Jeffers car is absolutely amazing. There's no problem
with the car, and the powerplant we have in it, there's no issues
there either."

A new Reher-Morrison engine is due for the next PDRA race, but
in the meantime Haney and his 872-cubic-inch engine will battle
some of their bigger-engine foes,
and with Brandon Switzer tuning the engine and Brandon Pesz
tuning the chassis, Haney knows he has what it takes to win.

"We're trying to fight with these 1,000-cid boys," Haney said.
"I don't think any of them have that much more power than we do.
We've just got to make sure all the gremlins are out of the way so
we can show them what we've got."

Haney and his team were pumped for the season opener in Texas
on March 19-22,
but mysterious parts failures cropped up almost from the time the
team arrived at Texas Motorplex.

"Texas was an unusual race for us," Haney said. "We had some parts
failures that normally don't happen, but two small parts issues cost us
from doing well."

Haney's team also battled with the fuel pump and the water pump
and dodged wet weather all weekend.

"We had to stay up all night to redo the fuel-pump system," Haney said.
"We had to replace pistons while we were there. It was a rat race
and kind of a screwed-up weekend.

"We had some issues that couldn't be overcome. It was nothing anyone
did wrong, but we've made those corrections. We got revamped, restocked,
and we took the motor to Reher-Morrison and they fixed it all up."

Haney is ready to show the potential of his Lucas Oil/
Pro Nitrous Chevrolet during this weekend's PDRA Spring Nationals at
Rockingham Dragway.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Keith Haney Racing gunning for PDRA title as 2015 season begins

Keith Haney Racing Gunning for PDRA title as 2015 season begins
ENNIS, Texas (March 20) - Keith Haney is gunning for the 2015 PDRA
championship, and the hunt begins with the Texas Nationals this
weekend at Texas Motorplex.
Keith Haney Racing had a busy off-season despite returning for the 2015
season with the same Pro Nitrous racecar and crew that closed 2014.
"We're excited to get going," Haney said. "The guys worked really hard
over the winter, to make it where we can be more efficient at the racetrack.

We changed some procedures and processes and have some new things for
our trailer, trying to make a better race team."We want to go out and go for that No. 1 spot. We're going for a championship,
we're not going to play. We're not pretenders anymore,we're contenders, and
we're going after it."KHR's Lucas Oil/ Chevrolet Camaro has only 12 passes
after the team got it from Larry Jeffers Race Cars late last year. PDRA is
offering a $5,000 bonus to whoever breaks the sub-3.7-second barrier, and
while that's not likely this weekend, Haney knows there is enough speedin
the car for him to get it, thanks in part to Reher-Morrison Racing Engines
horsepower."We're looking to go after it in the second or third race at the latest," Haney
said "We've got stuff coming that will surprise people as we go after the 3.60s.

We're excited because we know we can do that. Brandon Switzer is tuning it,
and Brandon Pesz is tuning the chassis. We've got a lot of state-of-the-art stuff
inside the car, but you need the best of the best to be No. 1."During the 10-race PDRA schedule, Haney will be followed by the"Limo Guy
At-Large," who will be producing video in a reality-televisionformat. Fans can
catch all the video at the Keith Haney Racing
Facebook page: that page, fans can also see exclusive photos of a second-generation
Haney racer, Logan Haney, who debuted in a Junior Dragster at Tulsa Raceway

Park earlier this week."I didn't think I could have that much fun watching someone else race," Haney said.
"He 16.6 at 29.73 mph, and it was awesome. He told me he isn't racing for
Keith Haney Racing. He said, 'I'm Logan Haney Racing.'The side of his car said
 'LHR,' not 'KHR.'"Keith Haney is ready to challenge for the 2015 PDRA championship as

the season begins this weekend at Texas Motorplex in Ennis, Texas.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


keith haney
BROKEN ARROW, Okla. (Jan. 26) -- Keith Haney Racing owner/driver Keith Haney helped plant the seeds of drag racing as a career during a recent visit to an elementary school.

Haney took his Pro Nitrous Chevrolet to Rhoades Elementary School in Broken Arrow last week and interacted with more than 400 students who are studying a science, technology, engineering, and math curriculum at the school.

"We thought it would be a great opportunity to allow them to see how these subjects are applied in the racing world," Haney said. "The kids listened to a brief description about the car and how it works, and then I talked to them about the safety aspects of the sport."

The students were attentive and asked numerous, pertinent questions.

"They asked some great questions about our race team, the car, and the sport of drag racing," Haney said. "It was quite an honor to interact with these young minds and listen to their thoughts and questions while watching the amazement on their faces."

School counselor Debra Wheeler helped organize the event with her brothers, Randy and Dale Hancock, who are crew members on the team.

"What an enjoyable experience," Haney said. "Thanks to the school and for everyone involved for bringing us out. I hope we helped inspire some of the kids to continue to pursue STEM education as well as create an interest in drag racing."

To view more photos, click here.

Thursday, October 23, 2014


 After successful test, Haney excited
for debut of new Pro Nitrous Camaro

 ROCKINGHAM, N.C. (Oct. 8) -- Keith Haney Racing completed a successful two-day
test of his new Pro Nitrous Chevrolet Camaro at Rockingham Dragway on Wednesday, putting a wide smile on Keith Haney's face as he prepares to debut the car in competition.

The first race for the new Larry Jeffers Race Cars Camaro will be the PDRAChampionship Finals this weekend at Virginia Motorsports Park in Petersburg, Va., and the expectations are high for the Lucas Oil/ Chevy.

"To win -- that is the expectation," Haney said. "We have all the right parts,
all the right pieces, all the right people. I've said it before, instead of being a pretender, it's time to be a contender. With the right people, the right crew,

 I don't think anything can go wrong." Haney took delivery of the new car a couple of weeks ago, with Kryptonite Kustomzgiving the car a modern look with a state-of-the-art wrap. Brandon Switzer of Switzer Dynamics completed the final touches and Brandon Pesz made the final chassis tune-up. Plus, Reher-Morrison Racing Engines provides the horsepower."Larry blows my mind away with the new technology in this car," Haney said.

 "This is his first Pro Nitrous car. He's got the Pro Extreme world covered, and this is his first true Pro Nitrous car. He's walking on Cloud 9 right now, too."Haney and his team made four passes Wednesday, with Haney posting his best-ever elapsed time and speed to cap a positive day. "Steve Earwood and the people here did a great job getting the track prepped for just us, and it's been absolutely amazing all day," Haney said. As planned, Haney didn't make a full run to the eighth-mile, but the car showed plenty of speed and more potential.

"Today we pulled out and did two 60-foot runs without a front end," Haney said. "Then we made a scheduled pass where we lifted before the 330 mark and another where we lifted before the eighth-mile. Both passes were straight down the racetrack. "You couldn't ask for anything more. It can't get any better -- unless we win this weekend and next weekend. It is possible; we've got the stuff to do it."
Haney will also race the car in the Osage Casino Throw Down in T-Town on

 Oct. 17-18 at Tulsa Raceway Park

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Haney, Enders-Stevens head to Houston with momentum

Protect The Harvest
HOUSTON (Oct. 17) - After Keith Haney Racing swept the Legal Pro Mod class at the Throw Down in T-Town last weekend, team owner/driver Keith Haney wasn't sure how he could top that, but then he thought about the ADRL World Finals IX this weekend at Royal Purple Raceway, where he and NHRA star Erica Enders-Stevens will be racing.

"You know what could top it?" Haney said. "If Erica and I meet in the final round. That'd be cool."

Haney faced teammate Monroe Guest in last weekend's Throw Down final in Tulsa, Okla., and scored his first victory in four years but hopes not to wait that long for his next win.

Haney will bring his two Oil Camaros to Houston, Enders-Stevens' hometown. Haney's car carries a new Reher-Morrison engine that powered him to victory in Tulsa.

"With the new motor we've got in my car we can get it to go low," Haney said. "We can make the other car go faster, but how much more depends on the power that's underneath it. It's not a No. 1 qualifier, but we want to be in the top half of the field. Our driving abilities are good enough to win races. You don't always have to have the best car, but you have to have the best package."

The package this weekend includes pink paint schemes on both cars to support National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

"I'm excited to drive the Pro Mod car again," Enders-Stevens said. "It should be a really fun weekend to be back home in Houston. We're sporting a pink paint scheme, and I'll be the only girl in Pro Mod driving a pink car."

Enders-Stevens was born and raised in Houston, and though she lives in New Orleans with her husband Richie Stevens, she is always eager to race in her hometown.

"I'm always pumped to race at home," Enders-Stevens said. "I love Texas and I love racing in front of the hometown crowd. I'm excited that we've got two competitive race cars this weekend. We'll see how it turns out."

Haney is excited, too, especially because he'll be racing where he won his first NHRA race, a Top Sportsman event in 2009.

"I'm going back to where I won my very first Wally," Haney said. "We're excited about it."

Keith Haney Racing is hoping for another all-team final at the ADRL World Finals IX, where Keith Haney and Erica Enders-Stevens will drive the Camaros.