Tuesday, January 19, 2016

There's a new player in the drag radial world: Keith Haney

There's a new player in the drag 
radial world: Keith Haney
TULSA, Okla. (Jan. 19) -- Look out, drag radial world, there's a new player in town.
After keeping it under wraps for six months, Keith Haney has unveiled a new Radial vs. The World race car that he'll debut in the Lights Out 7 race on Feb. 18-21 at South Georgia Motorsports Park in Cecil, Ga.
Haney, a regular Pro Nitrous competitor in the Professional Drag Racers Association, will race the new car at least three times in 2016, including at the Radial Revenge Tour race on April 1-2 at Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park.
Haney got to know the competitors in the drag radial world over the last several years, and he became a fan of the cars and the racing.
"All of them think I talk the game but don't want to walk the game," Haney said. "Well, I'm not coming out as a pretender in this class; I'm coming out as a contender. My combination is going to work in a radial car.
"I've been jacking with people for six months that I was going to put radials on my Pro Nitrous car. Well, I didn't do that, but I did the next best thing."
Haney's new car, a Chevrolet Camaro, was built in secret by Larry Jeffers Race Cars. It is virtually identical to Haney's Pro Nitrous car.
"My main focus is PDRA Pro Nitrous," Haney said. "I want to go for a world championship in my nitrous car. We ended 2015 on an outstanding note, and we're ready to start 2016 on another outstanding note. We went from the bottom part of the field to being in the top three or four. I'm looking forward to chasing the championship in PDRA Pro Nitrous.
"I built a radial car to have some fun. I want to hurt some feelings in the radial class, just for fun."
Last July, Haney decided to get a drag radial car, but he also wanted to keep it secret from everyone.
"But I didn't want anybody to know -- nobody," Haney said. "So for the last six months, I've been building a radial car with Larry Jeffers. It's been interesting and fun."
Not even members of his Keith Haney Racing team knew what was going on, and Haney had to come up with several schemes to keep the drag radial car under wraps.
"What's interesting is what it took for me to keep it quiet," Haney said. "My crew usually doesn't miss anything, and I had to figure out how to do it without them knowing."
Haney ordered a new engine from Reher-Morrison Racing Engines, and his team thought it was for the Pro Nitrous car. Haney told them fuel injectors were on back order and had the engine shipped to the shop of Brandon Switzer, his engine tuner. All the shipping crate said was "RVW," Radial vs. the World.
Haney had M&M Transmission send a transmission box as if he would send it back to them, but instead it sent that on to Jeffers. When Haney ordered other components for the new car, they were shipped to Jeffers' shop, too, all with "RVW" on the boxes. Mechanics in Jeffers' shop didn't know who the car was for, either.
"Larry Jeffers did just as good a job keeping it quiet as I did," Haney said.
Jeffers also had some fun with people in the drag radial world, as he took a photo of the new car where all you can see is primer and the radial tire: "Purposely built radial car for Lights Out 7." Many people called Jeffers wanting to know about the car, but he simply told them he was putting radials on his special "Bad Bus" entry he uses in exhibitions.
"This has been six months of keeping quiet, and I absolutely cannot believe I've made it this long," Haney said.
After Jeffers finished building it, the car was shipped to Brandon Switzer's Switzer Dynamics for tuning, wiring, and plumbing. Finally, on Jan. 9, Haney told his race team, including chassis tuner Brandon Pesz, about it.
"They all about killed me," Haney said. "We're going to unveil it at Donald Long's Lights Out 7 race. He doesn't even know that I'm coming.
"There are a lot of cocky guys in this class, and I think I fit right in. I thought, 'What the hell? I'll jump in there and play with those boys.' "
Haney's foray into drag radial wouldn't be possible without the support of partners Lucas Oil, RacingJunk.com, Switzer Dynamics, Pesz Performance & Tuning, Reher-Morrison, M&M Transmission, and Haney's family of car dealerships: Suburban Chevrolet in Claremore, Okla.; Classic Chevrolet in Owasso, Okla.; Miami Auto Supercenter in Miami, Okla.; Regional Hyundai in Broken Arrow, Okla.; Nissan of Muskogee, Okla.; and Bartlesville (Okla.) Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram.

Keith Haney has unveiled a new Radial vs. The World race car that he'll debut in 
the Lights Out 7 race on Feb. 18-21 at South Georgia Motorsports Park in Cecil, Ga.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Keith Haney Racing ready for next year after fast close to 2015 season

TULSA, Okla. (Nov. 19) -- There's an old adage in racing that's apropos for the 2015 season of Keith Haney and his Keith Haney Racing team: "It's not how you start, it's how you finish."
Haney's Lucas Oil/RacingJunk.com Pro Nitrous Chevrolet Camaro closed out the year with quick elapsed times and high speed, capping a second-half surge that made him a consistent contender in the Professional Drag Racers Association.
"I could not be any happier with the way things ended, other than I wish I would've won," Haney said. "I wish we would've found the last half of the year at the beginning of the season. We would've won some races then."
Early in the year, Haney struggled with an older-version engine, and his team didn't perform at a high level, but after an upgraded Reher-Morrison Racing Engines powerplant, Haney became one of the quicker Pro Nitrous drivers in the series.
"It was the worst start to a year you could ever have," Haney said. "We started the year in Dallas and had to rebuild a motor three times there, four times in Rockingham -- just stupid stuff. The first four races we thought, 'Why are we even out here?'
"But we stuck it out, and we got our new motor in St. Louis. That's where I raced Travis Harvey and went 3.76 at 201 mph -- my quickest e.t. ever -- and he goes 3.70 on me."
Despite the loss, Haney knew he had an improved race car. The following week in Martin, Mich., he made a rare mistake on the starting line that spoiled his chances of success there, but his confidence didn't wane.
"After that, we rocked and rolled," Haney said. "We came together as a team, and the little mistakes we used to make stopped. It's all about the team. One little mistake from the team can cause a big problem. The team that makes the least amount of mistakes is the most successful. I couldn't be happier with my team and my year."
The culmination of the latter stages of 2015 came in the PDRA World Finals at Virginia Motorsports Park. Haney qualified No. 3 after a career-best pass of 3.740 seconds at 200.68 mph, and he raced to the semifinals. If not for Steve Jackson's event-best run of 3.705 seconds at 202.61 mph, Haney could have raced for the victory.
Haney is quick to give credit and thanks to his longtime sponsors, Lucas Oil and RacingJunk.com, and to his race team of Brandon Pesz, Brandon Switzer, Randy Hancock, Dale Hancock, and Andrew Arnold.
Haney is excited for the future, too, with his team and with Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park, which hosts the 2016 PDRA season opener next March.
"The racetrack was successful, and my race team was successful the last part of the year," Haney said. "We've got some exciting news that will come out later on. We're looking forward to next year."

Keith Haney's Lucas Oil/RacingJunk.com Pro Nitrous Chevrolet Camaro closed out 
the year with quick elapsed times and high speed, capping a second-half surge that made 
him a consistent contender in the Professional Drag Racers Association.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Keith Haney ready to win Dragstock XII at Rockingham Dragway
ROCKINGHAM, N.C. (Sept. 10) -- Keith Haney and his Keith Haney Racing team 
have done everything but win this year, so he has one goal for this weekend's PDRA 
Dragstock XII at Rockingham Dragway: Win.
"I said it before and I'll say it again: We're not pretenders, we're contenders,
" Haney said. "It's time to race this Camaro to the winner's circle this weekend. 
That's what I'm going for. I won't be satisfied with anything but a win. I've got a 
this year, some round-wins, but I need to go win some races in PDRA against the best."
Haney and his Lucas Oil/RacingJunk.com Pro Nitrous Chevrolet Camaro have performed 
well since a switch to a new Reher-Morrison Racing Engines powerplant in May, and he 
raced to a runner-up finish in the Throw Down in T-Town at Osage Casino 
Tulsa Raceway Park last month.
"Everything is going really well," Haney said. "The Larry Jeffers car is great, the 
motor is great,  the team is great. If we can get around some minor bumps that we've 
had lately -- not us, but 
parts and things like that. The team is doing great. From the start of the year to 
this point is day and night -- day and night."
Part of the change in fortunes has been the new engine, but Haney's race team 
has improved, 
too. With a race car set up by Brandon Switzer and chassis tuner Brandon Pesz, 
Haney's team has become a consistent threat and has greatly improved since 
the race in Rockingham in April.
"We started the year here with the little motor, with a little under-performance,
" Haney said. "Now, we're back with more performance under the hood 
with Reher-Morrison."
After the runner-up at Tulsa, Haney sped to the No. 6 qualifying spot in the 
PDRA race in Memphis, Tenn., before parts failure ended his day.
"We did well in Memphis, qualified No. 6, but in round one we had some 
bad spark plugs," Haney said. "It happened to a couple teams that weekend, 
so there was nothing we could do about that. We just have to regroup and 
go back after it again."
Haney will be racing with a new computer system designed by 
Switzer in Rockingham. The Motec M1 system worked well in test runs there 
 Thursday, with Haney running well in the heat 
of the day.
"He came out with a little easier system to operate," Haney said. "Anybody 
can buy it from him and run it. It's a real user-friendly program and makes it a little 
easier than the one we had.
"We're looking forward to it," Haney said. "We've only got three races total left, 
this being oneof them. We're excited. We've been running the new Lucas Oil and it's 
been great. Now everybody's going to it."

Sunday, August 23, 2015


Keith Haney hoping to make sweet
music at Memphis Drags
MEMPHIS, Tenn. (Aug. 21) -- Keith Haney and his Keith Haney Racing team are ready for the other Pro Nitrous teams to sing the blues during the PDRA Memphis Drags this weekend at Memphis International Raceway.
Haney is coming off a spectacular performance in the Throwdown at T-Town last weekend at Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park, where his Lucas Oil/RacingJunk.com Camaro qualified No. 2 and raced to the final round. Now, he's looking to improve that by one spot in Memphis.
"We're ready for 'em," Haney said. "We've got a good hot rod and things are going our way. I've been having some good, consistent passes, and this Reher-Morrison motor is doing some serious mph. The team's doing great."
With a race car set up by Brian Switzer and chassis tuner Brandon Pesz, Haney nearly grabbed the No. 1 qualifying spot in Tulsa. Still, Haney knows he has a package that can compete for the victory in Memphis.
"Things are going really, really well," Haney said. "We had the Throwdown in T-Town last weekend, and we were the No. 2 qualifier. We would've been No. 1 but we broke a transmission in the best session, Q2.
"We had a consistent car that went down the track every pass, and we ran low e.t. every pass against the field."
In the final against No. 1 qualifier Jim Sackuvich, Haney left a tick too soon to red-light.
"I went .007 red," Haney said. "My average light had been a .012 during qualifying and racing. It was just a great weekend."
A highlight of the race weekend was a tribute to longtime track announcer Brian Olson by Haney and Sackuvich.
"We did a moment of silence, and Sackuvich and I did a half-track burnout with side-by-side backups," Haney said. "And we ran down the racetrack side by side. It was a nice tribute to Brian."
Haney is racing in Memphis without his family, who is back in Tulsa to watch son Logan play football Friday night. Haney will race three qualifying sessions Friday, with one more Saturday before eliminations begin.
"We did have one little issue during testing, but thank God for Lucas Oil," Haney said. "We left an oil-pump belt, and we went 3.90 at 196 mph with no oil pressure. Thank God for that new zinc Lucas Oil; if it wasn't for that, that motor would've come apart, but we didn't hurt a thing."
Keith Haney is coming off a spectacular performance in the Throwdown at T-Town 
at Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park, where his Lucas Oil/RacingJunk.com 
Camaro qualified No. 2 and raced to the final round.