Saturday, April 11, 2015

Keith Haney ready to bounce 
back at Rockingham
ROCKINGHAM, N.C. (April 9) -- Keith Haney and his Keith Haney Racing team are
 ready to bounce back during this weekend's PDRA Spring Nationals at Rockingham 

At last month's season opener, the Texas Nationals at Texas Motorplex, various 
mechanical gremlins kept Haney from showing the potential of his Lucas 
Oil/ Pro Nitrous Chevrolet, but he's eager to get to Rockingham 
and go fast.

"We're ready to roll into Rockingham with guns blazing," Haney said. "We figured 
we couldn't have had much worse of a weekend in Texas. Hopefully, we've got all 
our gremlins out of the way.

"The Larry Jeffers car is absolutely amazing. There's no problem with the car, 
and the powerplant we have in it, there's no issues there either."

A new Reher-Morrison engine is due for the next PDRA race, but in the meantime 
Haney and his 872-cubic-inch engine will battle some of their bigger-engine foes, 
and with Brandon Switzer tuning the engine and Brandon Pesz tuning the chassis, 
Haney knows he has what it takes to win.

"We're trying to fight with these 1,000-cid boys," Haney said. "I don't think any of 
them have that much more power than we do. We've just got to make sure all the
 gremlins are out of the way so we can show them what we've got."

Haney and his team were pumped for the season opener in Texas on March 19-22, 
but mysterious parts failures cropped up almost from the time the team arrived at 
Texas Motorplex.

"Texas was an unusual race for us," Haney said. "We had some parts failures that
 normally don't happen, but two small parts issues cost us from doing well."

Haney's team also battled with the fuel pump and the water pump and dodged wet
 weather all weekend.

"We had to stay up all night to redo the fuel-pump system," Haney said. "We had 
to replace pistons while we were there. It was a rat race and kind of a screwed-up 

"We had some issues that couldn't be overcome. It was nothing anyone did wrong, 
but we've made those corrections. We got revamped, restocked, and we took the 
motor to Reher-Morrison and they fixed it all up."

Keith Haney is ready to show the potential of his Lucas Oil/ Pro Nitrous Chevrolet during this weekend's PDRA Spring Nationals at Rockingham Dragway.