Friday, May 26, 2017

The Throw Down marked the first time both KHR Lucas Oil/ Chevrolet Camaros raced in the same event.
“That was fun – and a lot of work,” Haney said. “Plus, we entertained our local fans. But it was absolutely outstanding weekend for Keith Haney Racing.”
Notorious qualified No. 1 in the Mid-West Pro Mod Series race with a pass of 3.756 seconds at 201.64 mph, while Enigma qualified No. 2 with a run of 3.914 seconds at 193.40 mph.
Haney won in the first and second round with Notorious, and then things got interesting.
 “We cooked a piston and had to replace a head,” Haney said. “We had to replace it in less than 40 minutes. We did just that.”
But unfortunately, after initially thinking the starter was hung up, tuners Pesz and Brandon Switzer and the team discovered the torque converter bolts had backed out. Three bolts broke off, one bolt was stripped and three could tighten.
But Haney’s crew was determined to fix the problem, working until the last minute before his semifinal matchup with Jonas Aleshire – and then some.
“It took longer than what we had anticipated,” Haney said. “They pulled over and waited. At the end of the day, all they cared about was racing. They could’ve taken the Tree, taken the round win and gone on to the finals. But they were stand-up guys and believe in the Mid-West Pro Mod Series, and we had well over 35,000 fans over the two days, and these guys wanted to race. That’s all they cared about. I’ve got a lot of respect for that team waiting on us.
“A lot of the time they were working on the car, I was inside, fully buckled up with my helmet on. They waited 15 minutes longer than they should’ve. Needless to say, I was pretty nervous.”
Haney finally fired the car and did his burnout. But something was amiss.
“I told my guys on the radio, ‘I’m hearing a bunch of clanking,’” Haney said. “My crew chief, Brandon Pesz, said, ‘Send that sonofabitch.’”
Haney figured the engine was “going to the moon” as soon as he launched, but Notorious took off with no issues. Soon, though, as the lockup came in, every bolt from the torque converter broke, sending sparks flying and Notorious left as Haney slowed to regain control.
Haney lost, but he knew the car was strong.
“First Mid-West Pro Mod Series race, we got to the semis, and the car was perfect,” Haney said. “We had the fastest car on the property. Had that incident not happened, we would’ve kicked their asses. They all know it.”
Enigma was fast, too, but Pesz ran unto some poor luck in his matchup with Mark Mickie. While Pesz had a decent .038-second reaction time, Mickie pulled off a .001 light that helped him overcome Pesz’s slightly quicker pass.
Pesz made a run of 3.960 seconds at 191.38 mph, but Mickie won with a pass of 3.963 seconds at 205.85 mph.
“Mark Mickie did a good job of not red-lighting,” Haney said. “Mark ends up red-lighting in the final round.”
 “Brandon Pesz drove it and did an outstanding job. He just rocked it.”
So did Pesz, Switzer and the entire KHR team. Preparing and racing two cars in different classes is a difficult task, but they were up to the task.
“Brandon Switzer did a remarkable job tuning with Brandon Pesz,” Haney said. “They had a good weekend. I couldn’t believe all the guys, too. It was an amazing effort by my crew.
“We had great fans, and all our sponsors were just ecstatic. The show went off great, and we were done. A great outing for Keith Haney Racing.”
Haney will head to the next Mid-West Pro Mod Series race, at Gateway Motorsports Park on June 30-July 1, while he sits third in the points standings.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Mid-West Pro Mod Series just keeps getting better!

We are giving away one 20’ Top Hat steel floor car hauler at the end race season. If you enter Mid-West Pro Mod Class, R.V.W, X275 and MX235 will be put into a drawing to take place at the end of the year. If you attend all the races in the M.W.P.M.S we will be put him/her into the drawing 2 times. The chosen winner will have the choice of standard colors available. The winner will be permitted to add any additional options to the trailer at the time of order at the at his/her own expense.

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Keith Haney shocks the world: Daddy Dave to drive 'Enigma' in St. Louis

TULSA, Okla. (April 14) – Keith Haney and Keith Haney Racing don't do anything small.
So to help kick off the Mid-West Pro Mod Series, which races in the Heads-Up Hootenanny event next weekend at Gateway Motorsports Park, Haney will introduce a special driver for his "Enigma" Chevrolet Camaro in the Radial vs. The World class.
"Keith Haney Racing decided to shock the world," Haney said. "I'm coming to St. Louis, not only to drag everybody's asses with (Pro Mod car) 'Notorious,' but I've decided to give something back, not only to the series but to the fans. Daddy Dave, Street Outlaw, will be driving Enigma in Radial vs. The World."
"Daddy Dave" is David Comstock, star of "Street Outlaws" on Discovery Channel.
"I'm excited about getting back into a nitrous car," Comstock said. "I haven't competed against those boys like Mills and Mark Mickie and Woodruff. My personal car isn't fast enough, so it'll be really, really exciting to see how I match up to the pros in Radial vs. The World.

"I was sitting at the kitchen table, and Haney called me and asked me if I wanted to drive Enigma. I agreed, so I'll grab my helmet and my suit and drive to St. Louis. We might have to modify the car a little bit because he's 4-foot-nothing, and I'm 6-foot-2. We may have to take the wooden boxes off the pedals. "
Brandon Pesz drove Enigma in the Radial Revenge Tour race at Osage Casino Raceway Park last weekend, but Pesz can't attend the Gateway race. Haney then turned to Daddy Dave.
"All Keith Haney Racing fans and all Daddy Dave fans, you better pack a lunch head out because he's going to come out here and drag everybody's asses with Enigma," Haney said. "Remember, the name on the side of that car is 'You Know My Name,' and it's only one thing, Enigma. Daddy Dave's driving.
"All you Street Outlaw fans and all you drag racing fans, if you want to meet Daddy Dave, buy some t-shirts, support him and support drag racing, you just come on out. Keith Haney Racing's bringing the show with them."
A unique feature of the Mid-West Pro Mod Series is that points accumulated through the four classes will be awarded to the owner, not the driver. Pesz made it to the final of the Radial Revenge Tour before it was rained out, so KHR sits second in RVW points.
"I'm a team owner, so I own the points," Haney said. "It doesn't matter who I put in the race car. Those points go with me."
Fans who can't attend can still watch the race live on, part of the coverage of the new Mid-West Pro Mod Series. Race fans can also pick up an upcoming issue of "Drag Illustrated" to read about the event.
Haney will also drive in the Hootenanny race, as he will be behind the wheel of his Lucas Oil/ Chevrolet Camaro in the Pro Mod class.
"Now it's time to bring Notorious out," Haney said. "I did update the motor, and we haven't had it down the race track yet. We've got a bigger motor in it that what it had in it last year. I'm excited to get back in Notorious. That's my baby."

Unique Mid-West Pro Mod Series to kick off inaugural season in St. Louis

MADISON, Ill. (April 14) – The Mid-West Pro Mod Series kicks off its inaugural season with the Heads-Up
Hootenanny event next weekend at Gateway Motorsports Park.
The Mid-West Pro Mod Series was founded by racers - Jeff Pierce, Billy Stocklin, Todd Martin, Jim Sakuvich, Keith Haney, Wes Buck and Dewayne Mills – as a way to promote Pro Mod racing in the center of the United States.
The series has many unique features that will be unveiled this weekend, namely the combining of all types of engines into one Pro Mod class.
"It's a series that was put together by racers in the Midwest," Haney said. "The east coast has a series out that way, and the PDRA is out that way. There's really not a whole on this side of the country, although most of the racers on this side of the country go to the east coast to race."
The rules are meant to balance the different types of engines – nitrous, turbo, screw, Roots, etc. – so the focus is on the racing and not on the numbers. Fans want to see good racing, Haney noted, and not big speeds.

"All they care about is that they're going fast, and it's a race," Haney said. "We've watered down the classes by breaking up the race cars. It's made it less desirable for people to watch Pro Mods because there's less trash-talking, there's less controversy.
"Fans want to see Keith Haney run Jason Scruggs or Brandon Pesz, or they want to see a turbo car run Brandon Pesz. The fans love race cars and they love a particular car."
Haney said the goal of the series is to get all cars as close in speed as possible, with a top pass in the 3.72-second range at the eighth-mile. Rules are meant to balance the different engines, but rules will be updated as needed.
"We can't let one combination outrun other combinations," Haney said. "This is not about who goes the fastest. This is not your typical NHRA, Outlaw race or whatever. If you look at No Prep races, half of them cars are slow. The fan doesn't care about that. They care about whether their driver or car wins.
"There are records being broken every weekend. And what does it get you? Not a damn thing."
The St. Louis race is the first of five events in 2017, with races at Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park on May 12-13 (the Throw Down in T-Town), Gateway on Aug. 4-5, San Antonio Raceway on Sept. 22-23 and Tulsa on Oct. 13-14.
In addition to Pro Mods, three additional classes will be run under the Mid-West Pro Mod Series umbrella: Radial vs. The World. MX235 and X275.
The track promoters got together to have a points battle, with the champion winning $2,500 and a custom jacket, ring and hat.
Points, however, will be accrued to team owners and not drivers. Haney, for example, will drive his "Notorious" car at Gateway, but if someone else drives that car at another event, Notorious and Keith Haney Racing will still get the points.
"The owner of the team gets some recognition, not just the driver," Haney said. "It's something different to help team owners want to go out and buy cars and put drivers in them."
There are other interesting part of the Mid-West Pro Mod Series:
  • A "Slammers" class for non-qualifiers and first-round Pro Mod losers
  • Day-and-a-half shows
  • Live feeds from
  • Editorial coverage in "Drag Illustrated"
"The stuff that we're doing in this series is a way to change drag racing," Haney said. "And it quits putting it on the guy who has all the money."
The Slammers field will be filled after the first round, as non-qualifiers and first-round losers will still get a chance to race – as long as it's a 16-car field. Owners will have to buy back into Slammer field, at a cost of $250, and the winner gets $3,000. Points will also be rewarded, but they won't top second-round losers of the regular field.
One catch for the Slammers class: There is no true ladder. Racers will draw their competitors, so no one will know their opponents.
The Mid-West Pro Mod Series will complete their races in under two days, freeing competitors from burdensome travel expenses.
"You're not away from work," Haney said. "We're saving you money there, we're saving you money on travel expenses." will do live feeds from each race, as well as videos of drivers trash-talking one another. "Drag Illustrated" will give the series editorial coverage for every race, and drivers have to be subscribers to the magazine to be eligible to run the series. "Drag Illustrated" will be on-site at each race.
"This series is a non-profit series," Haney said. "We get nothing, we beg nothing, we want nothing. We pay the race tracks to help with the payout when we walk in the door. We bring them live feeds, coverage in 'Drag Illustrated' and one tech (inspector).  That's unheard of in drag racing.
"We're not trying to make a penny. We're just trying to put on a series to make it happen."
The Mid-West Pro Mod Series couldn't do this without the support of companies that believe in us:
Mid-West Pro Mod Series Sponsors: M&M Transmission, Jerry Bickle Race Cars, Extreme Brand Products, Menscer Motorsports LLC, Bankston Boys Racing, Pharris Motorsports, Sackuvich Motorsports, Race Car Fabrications, Atomizer Racing Injectors, Keith Haney Racing, Dave's RV, Aeromotive, Reher-Morrison Racing Engines, Gateway Motorsports Park, Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park, San Antonio Raceway, B&C Trailer Services, Suburban Chevrolet, Miami Chevrolet Buick GMC, Drag Illustrated, and Grand Prix Auto Sports Center.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

TULSA, Okla. (March 26) – Keith Haney Racing's "Enigma" Drag Radial Chevrolet Camaro race car will return to action in the Strange Engineering Radial Revenge Tour race this weekend at Osage Casino Tulsa Raceway Park.
But owner/driver Keith Haney won't be behind the wheel. Haney will instead participate in a charity golf tournament with long-time friend and business partner Wayne Cline in Florida, an event Haney and Cline have done for more than 20 years. Cline helped give Haney is start in the automotive business more than 25 years ago.
Enigma, the Lucas Oil/ car, will be driven by one of Haney's tuners, Brandon Pesz.
"Enigma only goes to big races," Haney said. "It's not just going to go to any race. It's an appearance car, it's a 'shut your mouth up' car. Engima picks and chooses where it wants to go.
"She's a bad bitch, and she's going to hurt some feelings like she always has."
Pesz, a veteran driver, has some payback on his mind – as does Enigma. Last year, Haney debuted the car at Lights Out 7 at South Georgia Motorsports Park, but smacked the wall. Pesz subbed for Haney at the Radial Revenge race in Tulsa – and crashed.
"He had a bad-ass car last year at the Radial Revenge race," Haney said. "Enigma was one of the fastest car at the track, but unfortunately, he never got through Q2. That video was watched a little over 30 million times. We had cameras all over, and it was one of the most-watched videos in drag racing."
Later that year at the No Mercy race, Haney wrecked again.
Haney started hearing the nickname, "Wall Hugger" from competitors, but he laughed it off. Enigma was repaired at Larry Jeffers Race Cars and returned for Lights Out 8 last month. Haney made a run of 3.91 seconds right off the trailer and later improved with a pass of 3.815 seconds at 199 mph to snare the No. 4 spot.
Haney then raced the car to the quarterfinals and is confidence Pesz can run well in Tulsa this weekend.
"Brandon Pesz wants redemption with that car," Haney said. "The car is right now, and I'm comfortable and satisfied with the fact that he will be running it. He wants redemption."
Enigma's appearance wouldn't be possible without the support of Haney's sponsors: Lucas Oil, Strange Engineering, Racepak Data, Classifieds, Five Star Race Car Bodies, Reher-Morrison Racing Engines, Motec Systems USA, Switzer Dynamics, Brandon Pesz Power Performance & Tuning, M&M Transmission, Menscer Motorsports LLC, Sander Engineering Inc, Drag Illustrated, Total Seal, Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels, Kryptonite Kustomz, LLC, Competition Plus, Duck X Productions and Larry Jeffers Race Cars

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Keith Haney, "Enigma" make successful 2017 debut at Lights Out 8

TULSA, Okla. (Feb. 22) – Keith Haney and his Keith Haney Racing nearly pulled off the impossible at the Lights Out 8 Radial vs. the World event last weekend at South Georgia Motorsports Park.
After getting his repaired race car “Enigma” back from Larry Jeffers Race Cars hours before the Lights Out event, Haney qualified No. 4 raced all the way to the third round. It was a remarkable accomplishment for Haney, his team, Jeffers’ organization and everyone associated with Haney’s Lucas Oil/ Chevrolet.
“In just two weeks the car was put together, and we rushed to make the race,” Haney said. “I also let the team know that the was no way for me to be there to test the car before Wednesday (of last week). I get there Wednesday and we still have things that need to be done, plus it had rained some, so it delayed our test session.”
When Haney finally got behind the wheel of Enigma, he was as nervous as an expectant parent.
“I was so nervous after crashing this car three times, so I didn't know what to expect,” Haney said. “I then staged the car and let go of button, and at about 150 feet out, I lifted and drove it down track to make sure everything was OK.”
Enigma was fine, and tuner Brandon Pesz made some adjustments to get the car ready to go quicker for qualifying and eliminations.
“I was nervous again as I staged, but I let go of button and it goes straight down the track, running a (pass of) 3.915 (seconds) at 189.04 mph with no lockup,” Haney said. “The next day, we come up for Q2, which it was warmer, and we were still working out a few little issues, but we run a 3.920 at 195 mph. We were very happy with that – and still not trying to go overboard with tuneup.”
Q3 brought cooler conditions, so Haney and his team got more aggressive, with Enigma making a run of 3.815 at 198.76 mph – career-best pass for Haney. In the final qualifying session (Q5 was canceled), Haney made a pass of 3.92 196 mph in hotter conditions.
Haney faced Kye Kelley in the first round of eliminations and advanced with a run of 3.920 seconds at 193.21 mph.
Round 2 was the next day, when Haney faced Josh Becraft Klugger. Officials had just scraped the track surface, so neither run was great, but Haney advanced with a pass of 3.962 at 194.32 mph.
Haney’s friend Mark Woodruff was next up. Woodruff had been running well all weekend, so Haney’s team decided to add more nitrous bottle pressure in an attempt to go quicker. But that caused the rear tires to spin, which Motec Systems USA engine-management system to pull a huge amount of timing out of the engine. The system worked, but Haney’s day was over as he fell to Woodruff.
Still, it was quite the successful 2017 debut for Haney and Enigma.
“I have to give a huge shoutout to my crew: Cody Moore, Brandon Pesz, Andreas Sj√∂din, Dale Hancock, Cale Hancock, Trey Eberle, M.W, Chris and Beth Davis and Kim Pesz for all they work allowing us to have and almost perfect weekend,” Haney said. “I also want to say I have the best fans in the world, and thousands of you made your way to take pictures with me, buy KHR swag and shake hands with me. You made the weekend even better. I didn't know I even had that many race fans, so, again THANK YOU!”
Haney also thanks all his sponsors, for without their support, his racing career wouldn’t be possible: Lucas Oil, Strange Engineering, Racepak Data, Classifieds, Five Star Race Car Bodies, Reher-Morrison Racing Engines, Motec Systems USA, Switzer Dynamics, Brandon Pesz Power Performance & Tuning, M&M Transmission, Menscer Motorsports LLC, Sander Engineering Inc, Drag Illustrated, Total Seal, Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels, Kryptonite Kustomz, LLC, Competition Plus, Duck X Productions and Larry Jeffers Race Cars.